Worth the Risk

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"Worth the Risk," 21 Lessons on How to Launch, Leap, and Leverage Your Faith for Massive Business-Growth, is a dynamic book about faith in business grounded in Biblical principles found in Luke chapters 5:1-11, which recalls a dialogue between fisherman Simon Peter and Jesus who told him (Simon Peter) to "launch out into the deep."

This book examines how today's leaders answer the call to "launch out into the deep," within their respective business industries and share risks taken, mistakes made, lessons learned, and wisdom gained, in a practical "real life" application as they navigate business-growth through the waves of successes and failures.

Anchored in faith, Melanie Wallace is so honored to join Benita K. Brown, along with the following 19 fruitful Kingdom-impact, co-authors: Dr. Jan Aderhold, Safiya Johnson, Sara Sheehan, Annette Presely, Kim Julian, Casie Petersen, Joyce Sakwe, Raven Van Asten, Dr. Minesha Carter, Tina Rains, Deborah Washington, Maureed Riley, Sabrina Morris, Russ Walker, Tricia Hunt, Polly Payne, Glenn Robinson, and Chelle Barnaby detail the risks involved with starting, growing, and even scaling businesses as they give personal accounts of how they overcame fear, rejection, failure, recession, rapid growth, during their business journey and how their faith and trust in God, much like Simon Peter, was tested, yet at God's Word, they too, obeyed and "launched out into the deep."

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