Hey there, friend!

I’m Melanie!

I help female experts ditch the corperate grind, become their own CEO, and own their time.

I know what it’s like to. . .

take all of the “round about ways” to get to the destination of a business brand that actually benefits your bottom line. As a serial entrepreneur who over the last decade has made all of the mistakes most entreprenuers make I know how it feels to waste time and money treating your business like a DIY project from HGTV. The end result is always frustration and burnout because you can never achieve the same results as the professionals.

Now my passion is to empower other entrepreneurial women to arrive in a place of profitability and FREEDOM while avoiding the same pitfalls.

After 20 years in the sales and marketing space I noticed that the biggest gap in services provided in the branding industry was that all strategies were based on the expert’s “opinion” and never in hard facts. That’s why every brand strategy package that my team and I provide includes at least one custom market industry report from which the strategy is developed, setting us a part from every other offer on the market.

I’m known for

Being data-driven. I despise the idea of basing important business decisions on opinions. Instead, I base my methods on data collected by customized industry & consumer research specifically tailored to your neeeds.

Believing in the power of a team. I know you can’t build a successful business without some help, that’s why my team and I are here to support you, empower you, and encourage you as you achieve your goals and dreams.

Connecting people. Even after you finish working with my team and I, I want to make sure you are successful. I love helping people find the right professionals to work with after I’ve helped build the foundation.

Let’s work together!

Are you ready to take control of your professional life? You are an expert in your field, and are use to showing up as a sophisticated professional, but you don’t know how to translate that into your business’ branding or marketing. You need a clear strategy to cut through the noise of the marketplace and my Strategic Brand Blueprint has been specifically developed to give you a clear plan and position your offering above anything else on the market.

“Melanie was and is awesome! She took her time explaining all the different options she had for services offered, but more than that, she helped me to understand what it is I actually NEED! And to this day, she is very responsive to any questions I have. I highly recommend reaching out to her and her business.”


I have a gift for you

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