Making You Look Good Enough to Buy

Stand Tall Marketing Group is a boutique strategic brand development agency that takes high-performing entrepreneurs from feeling a lack of confidence about their brand and confusion around their messaging to a polished an sophisticated brand image and a plan for their brand that makes their marketing choices easy. Every client’s strategy and image is backed by the most current market and consumer research, you know that we’re not just “flying by the seat of our pants.”

Let your brand work for you.

Spending Hours Creating Content That Doesn’t Convert? 

Everyone knows to work smarter, not harder. Let me help you do this. My Strategic Brand Blueprint™ provides a custom plan for marketing your skills and positioning you in the noisy marketplace so clients come to you.


You’re used to showing up as a sophisticated, professional woman. Your brand should reflect this. Let us create a customized brand strategy that is uniquely yours.


You are an expert of the highest quality. However, in the noisy marketplace it’s easy to get lost. We help you position yourself as the go-to expert who stands tall above the rest.


You always have a plan A and sometimes a plan B. Our Strategic Brand Blueprint™ provides you with the step-by-step plan you need to easily bring in your most profitable clientelle. 

Strategic Brand Blueprint

You are an expert in your field, and are use to showing up as a sophisticated professional, but you don’t know how to translate that into your business’ branding or marketing. You need a clear strategy to cut through the noise of the marketplace and my Strategic Brand Blueprint has been specifically developed to give you a clear plan and position your offering above anything else on the market.

Are you ready to be your own CEO?

 If you’re tired of the long corporate days, spending the best days of your life in a dingy office with recycled filtered-air circulating through your body and you know that your skills are worthy of a six-figure paycheck, but don’t know how to make that happen independent of the corporate machine then the Strategic Brand Blueprint™ is for you. It’s time to create your own destiny where you control the energy and the outcomes.

“I have worked with Melanie on a variety of projects and am always impressed by the quality of work that she provides. I highly recommend this agency!”


Profitability and freedom without the DIY pitfalls.

I’m Melanie, CEO and Brand Strategist, at Stand Tall Marketing Group. I am a serial entrepreneur, who over the last decade has made all of the mistakes and taken all of the “round about ways” to get to the destination. I know how it feels to waste time and money treating a business like a DIY project, and the end result is always frustration and burnout.

Now my passion is to empower other entrepreneurs to arrive in a place of PROFITABILITY and FREEDOM while avoiding the same pitfalls.

“I had such a wonderful experience with Stand Tall Marketing Group. Melanie has a wealth of knowledge, and really helped me see the vision for my projects and my website. I highly recommend Stand Tall Marketing.”


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